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60th Anniversary of the Chevrolet El Camino

The Chevy El Camino will be celebrating its 60th anniversary. Here’s a brief overview of this model’s history.


In 1959, Chevrolet decided to respond to the 1957 Ford Ranchero with its own version of a sports car with a truck bed. The El Camino coupe utility debuted and continued production off and on into the late 70s. Though it’s now a classic car, when it first came out, most owners used it as a utility vehicle to haul lumber and produce on their farm.

The Name

Chevy named it after the famous road in California called El Camino Real, which connects San Diego with San Francisco. This Spanish term translates to “the royal road” or “the king’s highway,” in English.

Interesting Moments

An interesting moment in the El Camino model’s history came just a few years ago when the Diesel Brothers on Discovery Channel decided to modify one. After finding a 1971 El Camino with an idea to do a quick flip, the team decided to turn it into a diesel-powered beast. They installed a massive 650-horsepower Duramax motor and a 1-ton 4WD truck drivetrain. Next, they added 37-inch tires and a bright orange coat of paint, which earned it the nickname “Hell Camino.”

Although there’s not much chance of Chevrolet resurrecting the classic car, it’s safe to say that the current models of the El Camino will be as long-lasting as they are well-loved. Contact us at Rentschler Chevrolet for more information about the El Camino. Or stop by to test drive a sporty new Corvette or Camaro for yourself.

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