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The Benefits of Buying Winter Tires

Winter Tires | Slatington, PA

When winter comes around, one of the best things you can do to enhance driving safety is to invest in a set of winter tires. Even if your car is equipped with all-season tires and an all-wheel drive system, winter tires can still improve stability, braking performance, and overall grip.

Enhanced Cold Weather Performance

You don’t need snow or ice to justify using winter tires. That’s because they use a rubber compound designed to work in cold weather conditions, unlike all-season and summer tires, which become overly stiff and thus lose grip. As soon as temperatures begin to drop into the 40s, it’s worth switching to winter tires.

Better Grip On Snowy Roads

Winter tires come with special grooves that do a better job of finding traction on snowy and icy roads. All-wheel drive can help you accelerate on snow, but it does nothing to help you slow down or steer. That’s where winter tires come in.

Not Necessarily More Expensive

Buying a new set of tires is expensive, but the cost if offset by reduced tire wear. During the months that you use winter tires, you won’t be wearing down your summer or all-season tires. And during the rest of the year, you won’t be wearing down the winter tires. That means you won’t need a new set of either type of tire for a longer time.

In preparation for winter, you can buy winter tires and get them installed today at Rentschler Chevrolet in Slatington, Pennsylvania. Give us a call to schedule an appointment!

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