Care Essentials for Your Truck This Fall

Truck Care | Slatington, PA

Taking proper care of a vehicle is no small matter, especially when the seasons change. As the weather gets colder and fall arrives in Pennsylvania, make sure that the maintenance on your truck is all caught up.

Check Your Car Battery

One of the first things to suffer when temperatures fall is your car battery. Before a dead battery leaves you out in the cold, bring your car into Rentschler Chevrolet to get it professionally checked to make sure it can still hold a charge. The average life of a car battery is about three to five years, so if your truck’s battery falls in that range, consider proactively replacing it.

Clean Out The Bed

Let’s be honest, your truck bed is probably a bit of a mess. Whether it’s gear still sliding around from when you took the boat out or mulch from your latest garden project, you could be carrying some extra weight around with you. Take the time this fall to clear out your truck bed and give it a wash. 

Shine Your Headlights

As winter inches closer, the days will become shorter. To make sure that you can still see as you drive in the darkness, take a look at your truck’s headlights. If they’re getting cloudy with age, consider buying a headlight restoration kit or DIY method to clear them up. 

If your truck needs more advanced care, like an oil change or tune-up, contact the service department here at Rentschler Chevrolet in Slatington, Pennsylvania. We’ll be happy to help you. 

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