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At Home Activities

At-Home Activities to Keep Your Kids Happy and Thinking

Are your kids getting restless? Ward off boredom with these simple at-home activities:

“Stained Glass” Window

This art project lets your kids learn about colors! Hang a plastic sheet against a window and break out your tissue paper. By gluing or taping tissue paper to the sheet, your kids will be able to let their imagination soar.

Indoor/Backyard Camping

Make campground memories this summer, even from the comfort of home. Set up a tent in the basement or the backyard, light a candle for a “campfire” and sing some campfire songs!

For a treat, try making homemade s’mores: get your supplies, then use a stove burner or the microwave to heat up those marshmallows! Be careful when microwaving the marshmallows, as they inflate and can make a mess if left in for too long.

Homemade Instruments

If you’re happy with a little more noise in your life, consider making instruments with your kids. Tin cans and balloons make excellent drums, while popsicle sticks and rubber bands can make a kazoo. For more instructions, follow the link:

Tin Can Bowling

For something a little simpler, you can try tin can bowling! Set up some empty tin cans and let your kids loose with a small ball or beanbags. This activity is great outside, but can also work in empty hallways.

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