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Myths About Driving in the Winter

It’s important to prepare for the winter and follow tips about how to winterize your vehicle. However, there are also some common myths about driving in the winter, which are simply not true and should not be followed. 

Idle Your Car

While it can be convenient to get into an already-warm vehicle, you don’t have to idle newer vehicles before driving in the winter. In fact, idling can cause your vehicle to consume fuel quicker and emit carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous if your vehicle is parked in your garage.

All-Season Tires Are Great for Every Season

While all-season tires are useful during warmer seasons, they are not the most equipped to handle snow-covered roads. It’s a good idea to switch your tires out for winter tires once the temperature drops so you can have more traction on slick roads.

Passing Slow Drivers is Safe

Another misconception about winter driving is that it’s safe to pass slower vehicles on the road. However, passing a car or snowplow can be dangerous with icy road conditions and other winter hazards. As such, you should err on the side of caution when driving.

We at Rentschler Chevrolet hope you have a safe and fun-filled winter season with your family.

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