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General Motors Introducing Amazon Alexa in Chevrolet Vehicles

General Motors recently announced that they are bringing Amazon Alexa into its vehicles, allowing you to be even more connected in your Chevrolet vehicle. Amazon Alexa will be added to the infotainment systems of 2018 GM models and newer in 2020.

With the addition of Amazon Alexa in Chevrolet vehicles, GM is showing how its app framework is easy to update. Over-the-air software updates also allow drivers to have the latest technology in their vehicles.

Chevrolet owners will be able to take advantage of Amazon Alexa’s features, like voice commands, which will allow you to control your smart home devices, check the news and ask for directions on drives. Plus, you can ask Alexa to play a podcast, audiobook, song, artist, station or genre, which she can do by utilizing available streaming services.

Santiago Chamorro, vice president for Global Connected Services, GM, said, “Bringing the Alexa experience to our vehicles is an example of how we are listening to our customers’ feedback, and offering them the voice technology of their choice.”

This exciting announcement comes right after GM announced that Google will provide similar services, so be on the lookout for these changes on the Chevrolet vehicles available at Rentschler Chevrolet.  

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